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From [Fujoshi Bitches]Yuta is Yasuda Yutaka who, on his way homefrom work, accidentally goes through a portalwhich suddenly appeared before him. On the other side, a completely different mysterious world!It's been five years since then and he still hasn't figured out the way back. To earn a living, he opened an okonomiyaki shop which is doing reallywell, so he's also getting used to life in this world.However, he has a problem.Many suitors come knocking fixated upon him forhis black hair and black eyes which are considered rare in this world!And, the way to propose is to have a duel.Because of that, his life has hung on the balance many times until he's driven into a corner when the strongest suitor finally makes hisappearance...?
Maybe coming in the next issue
Trip Lovers Chapter 6
Trip Lovers Chapter 7


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